Terms & Conditions

(the boring, but important stuff!)

  1.         These terms and conditions apply to all plumbing and heating works carried out by TopFlowServices’s team members. This may include our own employees or suitable independent contractors which have been authorised by TopFlow Services to carry out our services. By signing our Job Estimate (quote), or by paying the deposit, or by agreeing to book our services (in writing or electronically via email, text or other), you are knowingly agreeing to these terms and conditions which will have been shown to you in person, or sent to you via email, or directed to you via the website www.TopFlowServices.com to read.


  1.         We offer you an arrival timeslot of 1 hour and endeavour to stick to it wherever possible. Sometimes we may run a little early or late and will try to keep you informed if we can.
  2.         We may need to reschedule an appointment from time to time when absolutely necessary and we will always work with you to find a suitable alternative date/time.
  3.         The engineer you were expecting may not always be available to carry out the works, and a suitable alternative engineer will carry out our services as stated above.
  4.         Cancellations: We charge a £35 p/hour booked or £140 p/day booked as a “no show fee” if we are unable to gain access to the property upon arrival or if the job is cancelled without at least 24 hours’ notice. Cancellations of jobs exceeding 1 day booked will need to be given in writing with at least 14 days notice prior to the agreed start date. Failure to give this notice will result in a loss of deposit.
  5.         Rescheduling: We charge a £35 p/hour booked or £140 p/day booked as a “rescheduling fee” if jobs are rescheduled without more than 24 hours’ notice. Rescheduling of jobs exceeding 1 day booked will need to be given in writing with at least 7 days notice prior to the agreed start date. Failure to give this notice will result in the daily rescheduling fee for the amount of estimated days given on the agreed estimate/quote.
  6.         We will usually carry out work during our normal business hours which are 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. We may be able to work outside our normal business hours as agreed with you in advance, which may increase our fees.
  7.         We reserve the right to cancel the agreement at any time (either written or electronic via text, email or other) due to unforeseen circumstances. We will always do our best to reschedule, however, if this is not possible we will do our best to recommend an alternative. Any deposit will be returned if work has not yet started. If work has already commenced, the balancing invoice will be representative of the work completed thus far.
  8.         In some circumstances we may ask for a full payment upfront, before we commence any works, in order to secure the booking and ensure payment for our services.
  9. We will not be responsible for our failure to meet any of our obligations under this agreement due of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. vehicle breakdown, illness or family emergencies).

Estimates / Quotes

  1.    For most reactive jobs we charge a set call-out fee which constitutes up to 60 minutes after which point you will be charged on a half-hourly basis for minutes up to and including the next 30 minutes. This includes travel time to and from merchants to collect materials for your job and phone conversations with suppliers, manufacturers and senior management when in relation to your job.
  2.     Our rates are dependent on postcode/area and are subject to increases over time.
  3.     For planned works we endeavour to provide an estimate/quote. All of our quotes are to be taken as estimates only and will be subject to change as per terms set out in 15.
  4.     Our job estimates are valid for twenty-eight days from the date they are given to you. We may vary or withdraw any quotation at any time unless a deposit has been made.
  5.     We will endeavour to complete the work within the timeframe and costs quoted to you. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may incur additional costs above the quoted amount. We will discuss this with you where possible and amend the quote and/or invoice accordingly.
  6.     Payment structure will vary on a case-to-case basis. For smaller jobs we may only require payment upon completion without an initial deposit, and for larger projects we may ask for an initial deposit and regular instalments throughout to cover the cost of materials and labour to date.


  1.     You will be invoiced immediately on completion of the work or as per terms set out in 15 & 16. The Total Due on the invoice is payable immediately to the engineer on site in cash, cheque, SumUp or via BACS. If the bill-payer is unavailable or if the property is tenanted, payment will then be due within 48 hours.
  2.     Failure to pay the Total Due within 48 hours of works being completed, you will be required to pay an administration charge of £5 per working day unless agreed otherwise with TopFlow Services (either in writing or electronically via text, email or other).
  3.     Contractors using our services will have the same terms and conditions as domestic customers, whereby failure of payment will lead to legal action.
  4.     If your cheque is cancelled or faulty for any reason, we will charge you a £10 administration fee and late payment fees as above.
  5.     Any parking charges or congestion charges will be added to your invoice and payable by you (this will be added to your subtotal unless you reimburse us for the charges in cash).
  6.     We charge a £10 key collection service.


  1.     We are not liable for any loss or damage to your property (including any cleaning needed) or

any other type of loss. Plumbing can be messy work and we will endeavour to maintain a tidy work area with dust sheets and other protective measures wherever possible. We will help to remove any marks or staining caused by the instructed work as best we can, but will not replace soft or hard furnishings.

  1.      If access must be made to your property to complete a repair (drilling, digging, etc), we will fill any holes and leave the surface level but will not replace the original surface or construction, nor paint or redecorate. We can quote for repairs where possible.


  1.      Any certifiable electrical work will be carried out by our partners, who will provide their own warranties, terms and conditions. will hold their own, independent public liability indemnity insurance. We will not represent for any litigation and will not be held liable for works carried out by them. Feedback and reviews for this work shall remain separate from TopFlowServices’s Ltd.
  2.     Any bathroom installation work that is carried out by our partners, will mirror TopFlowServices’s Ltd. warranties, terms and conditions as stated here, will hold their own, independent public liability indemnity insurance. We will not represent our partners for any litigation and will not be held liable for works carried out by them. Feedback and reviews for this work shall remain separate from TopFlowServices’s Ltd.
  3.     We are obliged to charge removals and recycling fees dependent on size and weight of the waste. These are non profitable and only cover our costs.
  4.     We will not be obligated to provide you with the prices we pay for the materials we purchase for your installation/work project, nor will we supply our receipts. If you want to keep receipts for your own records you must supply your own materials.
  5.     It is your responsibility to obtain any permissions required for the work being carried out, such as from a landlord, local council, planning permissions or building controls. Where a landlord fails to pay for works requested by a tenant, the tenant is liable to settle our invoice in full and within the terms set out in 15.
  6.     By providing a signature upon completion of our work and/or by making payment of our invoice you agree that you are fully satisfied with our work.
  7.     Public feedback of our services can only be made if the job is completed in full and monies are not in dispute or legal proceedings have not been in effect. Slander will be treated with legal action.
  8.     With some projects we will take photographs of the areas that surround our work and materials, and of our work itself before, during and after. This is for our own records and at times for use on our website and social media platforms unless explicitly requested otherwise by the customer. The photographs will not show the location of the property or names of the owners.


  1.     We guarantee all of our labour (work done by our hands) for 30 days from the date of completion of the work. It is our right to be given the opportunity to rectify any of our mistakes free of charge or chargeable within reason. If it is not possible to return to rectify works due to logistics or a broken down relationship, you may be offered a reduction in price if we deem it appropriate (The Supply of Services under the Consumer Rights Act 2015).
  2.     Parts & materials are guaranteed by their manufacturer as standard. Our guarantee will not apply where faults are caused wholly or in part by your (or any other person’s) misuse or neglect of those goods and materials, or as a result of fair wear and tear. Where a part we have provided is faulty, we will replace it free of labour charges within the 90 days period, after which labour will be charged as standard. Replacement of a part which you have supplied will incur additional labour fees as standard.
  3.     Any guarantee we offer does not affect your legal rights including those rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You can get information about your rights from a Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Department.